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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

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How much vapor does your Dekang ejuice e-Liquid produce?
Dekang E-Juice produces high amounts of vapor. The amount of vapor created is a direct result of the Dekang E-Juice atomizer, the Dekang e-Juice, and the battery combined. For best results and full vapor, it is always recommended to use a Joye eGo and Dekang e-Juice on a fully charged battery.

How many Dekang ejuice refills can I get out of a bottle of your e-Liquid?
A standard 30ml bottle should last 15 to 20 fills depending on the amount you use your electronic cigarettes.

Shelf life and Storage

How should I store my Dekang E-liquid e-Juice?
You’re dekang ejuice should always be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Exposure to sunlight in excess can cause discoloration and damage to the Juicy! ejuice.

What is the shelf life of dekang ejuice?
The shelf life of dekang ejuice is approximately 10 months if stored properly in a cool, dark, dry place and away from direct sunlight. The shelf life is approximately 12 months if you store your Dekang ejuice in the refrigerator. Always keep the Dekang ejuice is a safe place out of the reach of children.

My Dekang e-Juice has changed in color since I’ve ordered it. Is it still safe to use?
The discoloration is most likely due to storage of your Dekang ejuice and can still be used. Be sure to store your ejuice in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark and dry place.


How long after you receive my Dekang ejuice order do you ship?
Your Dekang e-Juice order should arrive within 7 to 20 business days, depending on where you live.

How can I find out if my Dekang ejuice order is shipped?
Dekang ejuice will forward a confirmation email you as soon as your order has been shipped. Checking the status of your order can be done by logging into your Dekang ejuice account.

What type of shipping do you offer on my Dekang ejuice?
A: We offer Standard, Express, Priority shipping and Registered mail. However, please note that the shipping time only refers to the amount of time the order is in transit, not the time it takes to process, prepare, produce, pack and ship your order. Processing times will still be approximately 1 business day for most items.

Additional Info

I would like Dekang e-Juice to keep me updated on any new and exciting products. How do I do that?
Once you have submitted your email via your account we will keep you notified of any new and exciting products! Please sign up for our newsletter.

I have a future product suggestion, how can I let you know?
If you have any comments and or suggestions, please feel free to email us. We want to hear everything! Please keep in mind we receive many emails regarding suggestions and our product lines and are not always able to respond to each individual case, but we appreciate your thoughts and enthusiasm.

Would you please declare eliquids as other items and no nicotine in them?
Please Note, We do not cover customs risk for orders including eliquid from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Estonia, Thailand, Singapore and Belgium. But we will do our best to avoid the issue happen.

Sometimes we remove the original nicotine strength label, put 0mg on the bottles or inside the package, let your customs know all the items are 0mg and no nicotine, in fact the eliquids are just what you buy, please have a try or test.

If you like the eliquids with original nicotine strength label on the bottles, please let us know you will be responsible for customs risk in your countries before we ship your orders. Thanks for your understanding!

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