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Dekang Silver Label E-Liquid | E-Juice

Posted on March 6, 2012 by Dekang e Liquid There have been 0 comments

Dekang Silver Label E-Liquid | E-Juice

e-Liquid | e-Juice - Dekang Silver Label E-Liquid | E-Juice e-Liquid | e-Juice - Dekang Silver Label E-Liquid | E-Juice

Vapor flavor(used to be E-liquid,refilling liquid for e-cig) is one of the main components of an e-cigarette, designed to produce vapor that imitates tobacco smoke and evaporates in the air within several seconds, leaving no odor. The produced vapors contain neither carcinogens nor other harmful chemical ingredients. It is harmless for both active and passive smokers.

Vapor flavor can be used for all types of cartridges of e-cigarettes, their modes, e-hookahs, (drip machines), etc.

All products undergo independent quality control and have multiple international certificates.

E-liquid Dekang has a unique formula that provides a taste of natural tobacco.

Composition of the E-liquid Dekang

Dekang Company uses only natural flavor enhancers based on high quality and health friendly juices of their own manufacturing. It ensures the safety of its products by using environmentally friendly ingredients that are free of harmful substances.

  • Molecular technology secures natural extracts
  • High quality food propylene glycol
  • Elite brand tobacco
  • Natural flavor enhancers only

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